Get Country Code Domains in Pakistan

Domain name shows the identity of a website or uniqueness of a website on World Wide Web. And a country code extension is help you to locate or introduce your website with your country"s name. For this purpose every county in this world have introduced their own Country Code Extensions or Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs). Like Pakistani ccTLDs come up with .Pk domain name, India"s ccTLDs come up with .in domain name, United States ccTLDs come up with .us domain name, Sri Lanka"s ccTLDs come up with .lk domain name and etc. Mostly ccTLDs come with restrictions and specially design for their own residents or nationality holders and its too much difficult to register such type of domains from out of that country or without holding that country"s National Identity Card (CNIC) or Passport. But there are also a lot of ccTLDs Domains which are used at Generic level like .tv domain, .us domain, .my domain, domain etc.

Who can register ccTLDs?

As we all know that all country domains come up with some restrictions that's why its become difficult to register a country code domain name out of that country's region because there are many requirements, documents and information required to get an international domain name depends upon that country's laws or privacy and policy. Every Country Code Top Level Domains has a Registrar and Sponsors, who have all rights to manage the activities, privacy and policy for their domain name. But Now in Pakistan you can get any type of your desired country code domain name from ServerSlot. If you want to target a specific country or want to introduce your products or brand to a specific country then to buy that country's domain extension is a good choice to start web marketing on that country. We are providing dozens of ccTLDs in very low prices without required and documents or something else.

Transfer your ccTLDs to us

If you already have a country code domain name register from any other domain registrar and you are worried about their bad services and high prices then come to us and transfer your any International domain name to us according to that domain terms and conditions. Some International domain names require documents and extra information to transfer your domain name from one registrar to another registrar so you need get full information from our expert and experienced support team before transferring your Country domain name to us. We welcome all type of country domains so don't think about anything before transfer your International domain to us.


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.It is the top level and commonly used domain name in Italy or you can say that .it domain name specially reserved for the residents and websites domain extensions which belong to Italy. Get .it domain extension in very low price from us.


Price: $20.00

.Nl domain name is specially reserved for the Netherland. If you want to launch any your website in Netherland then .Nl domain name extension is the best domain choice to represent your website identity from Netherland.


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Serverslot is providing the domain registration, renewal and domain transfer services in very low rates. This is country level domain belongs to United Kingdom but you can register a domain from anywhere in this world.

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Now Serverslot is providing the top level and second level domain names for Malaysia. You can get a domain name in very low a reasonable price from us. This is an internationalized domain name so only Malaysian can register this domain.


Price: $323.00 domain name is the top level and country code domain name for the Brazil. All organizations, Companies, Businesses, Institutes and others prefered to buy a .Br domain name for their official websites name.


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.co.Au is the second level country code domain name which is especially reserved for the Australian Internet world. Because .Au extension is very useful to represent a website with their country (Australia) name in worldwide.


Price: $64.00

.Jp is a top level country code domain name which is specially reserved for the Japan. All the resident of Japan have rights to use a .Jp domain name for their website identity in worlwide.


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.AE domain extension is specially reserved for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). If you want to boost your website or online business in United Arab Emirates then reggiter .AE domain name from us for your website.


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Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) has been introduced the seperated domain name for all Canadians to represent their website domain in worldwid. So get .CA domain name from Serverslot now.


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.US is the lop level domain name in United States but this domain name is commonly used domain name worldwide. You can regsiter a .us domain name from anywhere in this world from us in very low rates


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We are provding very cost and affordable .In domain name registration and renewal service worldwide. If you wish to buy a .In domain name then Serverslot is the best choice for you to buy a .in domain for India.